About C2C

How much did you write off in bad debt last year? Wouldn’t you like that figure to be smaller next year?

If you’re wondering how to more effectively collect accounts receivable, C2C Resources can help. We are a Commercial Debt Collection Agency that can help you collect the money you are owed. Not only are we successful in collecting using professional and ethical methods of collection, but we teach our partners how to effectively collect in-house reducing the needs for a 3rd party agency.

C2C Resources is an international commercial debt collection agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with locations also in Kansas and Louisiana. With over 20,000 clients, C2C Resources is considered one of the top commercial debt collection agencies in the country.

C2C Resources is a leader in the commercial collections industry:

  • We’re licensed in every state that requires it
  • Our contingency rate won’t increase if your account is forwarded to an attorney
  • Our collections specialists have an average of 18 years experience in commercial debt collections

When you partner with C2C Resources, you’ll be provided everything you need for effective in-house commercial debt collections including:

  • Our web-based Profit Maximizer software system and our one-on-one guidance.
  • Debt Collection phone call scripts to help you keep your phone conversations on task.
  • Collection Notice templates. Simply fill in the blanks and hit send.
  • C2C Resources Online Reporting System for standard and custom reporting. You’ll have the information you want and need, when you need it.

And much more.

Contact C2C Resources to find out how we can help you collect the money you are owed, reducing the amount you write off in debt.

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